Ethics, defined as acting in a manner consistent with University values, was added as a component of the University’s Compliance program in 2019. University community members foster a culture of compliance when they apply our five ethical decision-making values in the execution of their University responsibilities.

Ethical Decision-Making Values

The OIC promotes the following ethical decision-making values as a guide for University community members:

  • Integrity: act with honesty and consistency
  • Stewardship: careful and responsible management of University resources
  • Transparency: act with honesty and openness
  • Accountability: obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for actions and behaviors
  • Respect: due regard for the well-being and rights of individuals and the University

These decision-making values were selected through broad consultation with faculty, staff, and students from all 5 campuses and then approved by President Gabel and the Executive Oversight Compliance Committee.

Does the University have an ethics policy?

There is no University-wide "Ethics" policy. The standards of conduct in Board of Regents Policy: Code of Conduct, supported by University policies, procedures, and workplace rules, provide standards expected of University community members. In addition, Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code, applies to all students and student groups at the University.

When should I use the ethics consult email?

The email is maintained by the Office of Institutional Compliance and is intended to provide guidance that helps University employees make decisions that align with law, policy, and ethical decision-making values.

You are also encouraged to contact us if you have questions about the following topics in Section II of the Administrative Policy: Individual Conflict of Interest and Standards Governing Relationships with Business Entities:

  • prohibited activities
  • gifts
  • consulting
  • business entity offers to pay for education or training events
  • samples and demonstration items

If you want to report suspected non-compliance or unethical behavior that has already occurred, you should either refer the matter to the appropriate central office that addresses misconduct or report it using the UReport system.

Ethics Contacts:

Interim Chief Compliance Officer / COI Program Director: Jon Guden