Ethical Decision-Making Values

The OIC promotes the following ethical decision-making values as a guide for University community members:

  • Integrity: act with honesty and consistency
  • Stewardship: careful and responsible management of University resources
  • Transparency: act with honesty and openness
  • Accountability: obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for actions and behaviors
  • Respect: due regard for the well-being and rights of individuals and the University

These decision-making values were approved by President Gabel and the Executive Oversight Compliance Committee. 

Does the University have an ethics policy?

There is no University-wide “Ethics” policy. The standards of conduct in Board of Regents Policy: Code of Conduct, supported by University policies, procedures, and workplace rules, provide standards expected of University community members. In addition, Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code, applies to all students and student groups at the University.

Who can I contact for assistance?

You can reach us by email at, Boyd Kumher - (612) 626-7852, or Associate Director Jon Guden - (612) 626-4727.